Sunday, April 1, 2018

YouTube Tips for Doll Tubers | How to Make Doll Videos #youtubetips

Hi, please watch the new video promoting the DollTuber series I'm working on.
Would love to get questions from you and find out what you'd like to watch in this series.
I will be sharing how I write, film and edit Skull Academy and My Roommates are 
Vampires shows. Our Monster High doll series.
I will also be sharing my tips on how to upload and optimize your video and your
channel's homepage. Let me know in the comments section if you would like me
to check out your channel. We don't want to criticize, we only want to help you. My background is in graphics, so I love designing! 
I want to help you start your journey here on YouTube. 
I work on desktop
Mac and PC. Mostly work with iMovie and also use Filmora. 
My camera is Fujifilm XQ2. I use white Snowball microphone.

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