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5 Monster High dolls. Spectra was new, Draculaura is not new, but in perfect condition, she is wearing a dress and shoes bought from Ebay. Frankie Stein is new and comes with a stand. Skelita is new but has been in a couple of scenes at Skull Academy as Lolita, her accessories that came with her are also included. Draculaura is new, all her hair accessories and stand are included. I removed the dolls from the box so it would be easier to ship.

Draculaura`s cool Roadster car.

3 Halloween masks I made.

2 doll crowns I made as well.

For the winner, some jewellery, a dreamcatcher and lip balm.

More crafts I made... made 2 skull sculptures, one for the Vamp house and
one for the winner.

3 Wedding dresses plus 1 veil.

Lots of awesome prizes for one lucky winner. Box already packed up and sealed just
waiting for the winners name and address.



  1. Replies
    1. Love you too Nicole :) thank you so much for subscribing and following our blog :)

  2. The crowns you made are really pretty!

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  4. Really nice giveaway I liked the statue and the dolls I wish tht i win

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  6. I would love to win this giveaway for my little sister because she loves monster high�� !!!! The wedding dress & crowns are sooo cute !!!!☺️


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