Sunday, March 18, 2018

Monster High Doll Show | My Roommates are Vampires | Episode 4

Hope you'll watch our new show and please help us keep the show
going by leaving a comment and a thumbs up. Sharing will definitely help too.

Your comments and likes will help the show become a series or
it will just be a short mini series. Thank you so much for  your support.
We love you all!

Ginger :) 

New episode of our Monster High doll series is ready to watch. Please help us keep the show going by leaving a comment, and a thumbs up, sharing will definitely help too. We're giving this show 10 episodes before we decided to finish it on episode 12 with a show finale, or if the comments, views and likes are good, it'll be the season finale and we'll be back with a season 2. thank you so much for your support! We love you all.       

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