Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Monster High Doll Custom: Abbey Abominable the Ice Queen

Hey guys, finally finished my Ice Queen doll, didn't think it was going to be done by Spring :) almost didn't make it. Instead of just using paint and pencil for the eyes, I used glitter. Not sure if I'll do it again, it took over an hour to get rid of all the glitter bits off her face. I hope you like her, but after watching Dollightful's new videos, I wanted to throw her and the Snowball Queen away :) but I'm not competing with anyone, I'll just keep using what I have and I hope you'll enjoy watching. My process isn't as professional as the other doll repainters... they are true professionals and artists, I'm taking more of a 'crafting' approach, using materials found at garage sales, thrift stores and dollar stores.

Thank you so much for watching, please leave a comment and a thumbs up for effort :)

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