Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My First Real Doll Customs...maybe I should stick to crafting?

Hey guys, I love watching others creating amazing beautiful dolls with Monster High dolls and Barbie dolls, I have so many favourite doll customizers, I will be uploading a video soon and sharing my favourite channels. I have started to create doll customs as well and now I'm thinking maybe I should stick to making doll crafts instead.

I'm still working on it, and my mistake was, starting three customs at the same time, I started last week but a lot of the steps took longer than I expected. I'm creating two winter themed dolls, plus a Valentines doll that I wanted to have ready to upload today, but I haven't even started the repaint. I'm almost finished her dress and her crown but I'm leaving the face up for last because that's the part I'm most worried about. Here are a few pics from my work table. I'm hoping to have the Valentines Day princess ready by tomorrow or Saturday.

I set up my camera above my work space, so I filmed the whole process, I will edit the video down to close to 10 minutes, but it definitely took me longer. Hope you like what I create, I always appreciate feedback, good or bad, I want to hear it, or read it :) Thank you so much!

Above is the Princess Valentines dress, I'm not a sewer so I took a crafting approach
to this dress, no sewing, just a lot of hot glue and sore fingertips...ouch!

I also created yarn wefts for all three customs, I actually enjoyed the process.
Very relaxing and I love how it turned out, I just hope I can get the pieces on the head
without making a huge mess.

I finally have my camera set up where I don't have to keep picking it up
to take pictures and getting it dirty with paint or glue fingers. I found an old speaker
stand at a garage sale last year, you can see a bit of it in picture below, I than took an old
desk lamp, the ones that clamp on to the desk or table, I removed the lamp shade and bulb, and than duct taped it to the speaker stand. To hold the camera I attached a gorilla tripod, all the shots are upside down, but I edit it so it looks like its not upside down. I'll take better pictures next time
so you can see the whole thing. Tell me how you set up your camera, would love to see, maybe you have a better idea than mine. 

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Ginger :) 

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