Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Monster High Doll Series My Roommates are Vampires episode 2

Hope you're enjoying our new series My Roomates are Vampires. New episodes coming soon.

Do you see who else is at the coffee shop? Anyone you know? 
Nope, well except for Claire (Clawdeen Wolf - green hair) she guest stars on
Skull Academy sometimes, the other characters have not been in any other series.
Check out Toralei, should she be Tammy's sister?

Draculaura works at Gingerly Sweet boutique, she's excited she' getting married.

This series has nothing to do with Skull Academy, but you may see most of the same
sets since they all live in the same town, you may even see them in the background in some of
the scenes in this series. 

Tell us what you'd like to see on this blog... more behind the scenes? Maybe pictures of what the ghouls wore in that episode? Tell us down below and thank you for your feedback, it really helps when we create new videos for our channel, after all, we create these videos for you.

Thank you! Love you all!!!
Ginger :) 

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