Monday, January 29, 2018

Monster High Full Episodes Skull Academy s3 ep7

Hey guys, another episode of Skull Academy is ready to watch, please help us keep the show going by watching till the end, answer the questions at the end of the video in the comments section, tell us what you think of the episode as well, a thumbs up and share to one or two friends on your social media. That will keep the show going for another season! Thank you so much for watching and supporting the show. Have an awesome day! #monsterhighfullepisodes #monsterhighvideos #dollstories #monsterhighvideosonyoutube #monsterhighdolls #gingersdollshowsandcrafts #dollvideos #familyfriendly

Who else was in the coffee shop that day? I see a couple of Ever After High dolls.
Is that Garett and Richelle sitting behind them?

There's a couple more Ever After High characters, I wonder if there is an
Ever After High school nearby?

Tammy (Toralei) is up to something again, she's always trying to ruin
it for the other ghouls at her school. She's having a secret meeting with Abbey's sister Annie.

Looks like Abbey's plan to steal Spectra's boyfriend from her back fired, you
could say she did steal her heart. 

Thanks for watching and supporting our doll series.
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of Skull Academy.

Ginger :) 

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