Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Live Stream Channel by Ginger's Doll World

Hi! So I stared another channel :) this channel is for live streams only... I don't think long live

stream videos are great for a channel's rankings, I know that it brought down the GingerLola channel a bit and it was just three videos, so I decided to start a new channel. I really enjoy the live streams, especially the channel reviews. I love helping people so if you are a doll tuber and you want some channel tips, please join us for the live streams. I will also be doing some doll makeovers or working on crafts during the live streams, as soon as I get my set up organized.

Don't miss the live streams, subscribe and turn on notifications for all videos so you'll be notified

when we go live! That's the only way you'll know if we are live. Once everything is organized, I will set a date and time for the live streams.

Thank you so much!


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