Saturday, March 17, 2018

Monster High Doll Giveaway | Win 5 Monster High Dolls | Car

HUGE GIVEAWAY!!! MONSTER HIGH DOLLS!!! DOLL CAR!!!! DOLL WEDDING DRESSES!!!! DOLL ACCESSORIES!!!! AND FOR YOU!!!! JEWELLERY!!!!! DREAM CATCHER!!!! AND MORE!!!!! #hugegiveaway #freemonsterhighdolls #freestuff #freejewellery #dollgiveaway #win 


  1. Hi, it's me The LUMINATE Cat. Please!!! I really want to win this giveaway, because I'll use everything! I'll repaint all dolls and car. Jewellery is Purtastic fantastic !! Love skulls and purple. And then giveaway will end? I hope I'll win

    1. Cool :) did you know that you can get 10 extra entries just by being more active on my Gingers Doll Shows and Crafts channel... subscribers who watch videos till the end, leave a comment, thumbs up and share will get more chances to win.. only on the Gingers doll shows and crafts channel since this giveaway is to promote the new channel, here is the link my only active channels now GingerLola and Gingers... my reply here is from GingerLola, can't figure out how to connect my new google account from Gingers?? Thank you so much for entering, I wish you you good luck, the draw is random and the deadline is when we reach 5k subs... I was hoping we'd be closer by now, afterall it is a big prize package :)

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  3. I really want to win this giveaway because I really want draculaura's car and the other stuff. Mostly this stuff me and my sisters would play because we love monster high and we have the dolls but only the reboot since they don't sell the older dolls anymore. Also me and my sister love your channel so much!


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